Will you buy my rig?

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We often get asked if we can make offers for people's used gear, or sell on their behalf. For smaller items (jumpsuits, helmet, altimeter, etc), we recommend selling privately as these are generally quite easy to sell through avenues such as the Facebook buy and sell group.

For rigs or rig components (AADs, containers, mains, reserves) we can offer the following options to help you sell your gear:

Atom Rig

Free Valuation

Leave your rig with us, or ship it to our Headcorn store and we'll do an appraisal of the rig and its condition and give you an approximate value with no obligation. The valuation will be a range, and is naturally only a guide as valuation can be quite subjective and subject to many market forces.

Inspection Report

Inspection & Valuation Report

For a small fee we can provide you with a detailed report of the condition of the equipment, any work that might need doing and a breakdown of the value. For more information, check out the rig inspection page. This can be helpful if you are selling your rig privately and want to provide the buyer with some independent reassurance of the condition. We may also be able to carry out work on the equipment at your request (Cypres and Vigil services, patching and other rigging on main canopies and containers, reserve recertificationsreserve repacks etc)


If you are buying or selling from someone you don't know, it's usually possible within skydiving to find mutual contacts to provide references and protect yourself against fraud. However in cases where this is not possible, or you want some additional protection, we offer an escrow service where we act as a trusted third party who hold the rig whilst funds are transferred and confirmed before the rig is passed on to the buyer. This can be conveniently combined with our inspection and rigging services for an easy buying / selling experience.

Buying From You

Canopy inspection

We no longer offer to sell equipment on consignment, however we can in some circumstances offer to purchase the equipment from you. The amount we can offer will be dependent on various factors (such as whether we can use the rig for rentals or whether we have existing customers who may be interested in the rig), but will always be somewhat below market value (consider it a "We Buy Any Car" type offer!). We will only make offers for equipment which we have inspected (whether for a free valuation or for a purchased report), and we always aim to be transparent about what the market value is so you can make an informed decision if you are considering an offer from us.

Part Exchange

Similarly to the above paragraph, we can often offer part exchange on your old rig if you are purchasing a new rig from us. We will aim to give you close to market value for part exchanged equipment, however this may not always be possible.

Other Options

Other online avenues you can try yourself to sell your rig privately are through the Facebook groups mentioned above, or the forum UK Skydiver. Offline options are to advertise at your local dropzone(s), or ask the instructors and staff if they know of anyone looking to buy.