Website Updates Summer 2016

10 July 2016

Once again we've been busy improving our website both with improved navigation, data, and feature set. These changes are all designed to make it easier and / or cheaper for you to find what you need on our site. As always we welcome any feedback or suggestions on further improvements.

Improved Search

We noticed a few common search queries that wouldn't return any results; for example a search for "rigs" wouldn't show our "Rig Bundle" product due to the pluralisation. We've now made some cahnges to the search feature to make it easier to find what you are looking for without the need to guess what we named the product!

Lead Times

The lead times can vary greatly on skydiving equipment; from the many items we stock to custom order containers, canopies and helmets that can take weeks to be produced and shipped to the UK. We have displayed the estimated dispatch dates on product pages since we launched the website in 2014, however these were often missed by customers keen to make their purchase.

We now show the estimated lead time on the order confirmation email you receive after placing an order as a confirmation. These timings continue to be our best estimate and are subject to change, but we are always more than happy to advise on lead times if you get in touch with us.

Quicker Card Payments

Card PaymentsWe have now moved to a new card payment processor which has allowed us to take card payments directly from our website (no more redirection to another site to process the payment!). This should make it even quicker and easier to check out.

We remain fully compliant with all card processing standards (PCI DSS) and we do not hold any card information for our customers; although the details are entered into our site, they are sent directly to the card processor (Stripe) for processing with the highest level of security.

Recurring Payments

The move to our new payment processor has also enabled us to set up recurring payments for our AAD rentals- we no longer require rental customers to log on each month and send another payment- after the initial purchase the rental will renew each month until cancelled (cancellation remains as easy as one quick email!)

Bank Transfers

Payment MethodsThe recent decline of the value of the pound has unfortunately resulted in increased pricing of most of our products as the majority of skydiving equipment is made outside the UK and imported. We are always looking for ways to keep prices as low as possible for our customers, and by paying by bank transfer we can offer a 1% discount on orders over £2000. Debit / Credit card payments and Paypal remain available for these orders at the normal rates.

The discount available will be shown at the payment method selction screen and will be deducted automatically from the total.

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