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Phantom X Visor

Replacement or additional lens for Phantom X and Phantom XV Helmets

Kiss Visors

Last of stock - from 2024, we will not be bringing in new Kiss visor stock. Replacement lens for the Kiss helmet, including side buttons.

Kiss / Phantom X Visor Buttons

Button replacements for Kiss / Phantom X Visor

Kiss / Phantom X Visor Mechanism

Replacement Visor Mechanism for the Kiss / Phantom X full face helmets. Includes visor catch buttons, springs, and screws.

Fogtech Raincoat Wipes

Individually packed single wipes.
£0.75 - £1.75

Cookie G3 Visor

Last of stock - from 2024 we will no longer be bringing in new G3 visor stock. High Impact Polycarbonate treated with anti-fog coating on the inside and anti-scratch on the outside. This G3 Visor has been designed to comply with motorcycle standard optical requirements. Available in clear or tinted.

G3 Screw Set

Threadlock and 8 pieces of screws to fasten G3 Helmet Visor.

G4 Side Plates

Customise your G4 helmet with different colour and design side plates

Cookie G35 Visors

Replacement visor for your G35 helmet

G35 Side Plates

Replacement side plates for your G35 helmet