Vengeance 170 (Used)

Used Vengeance 170. Good condition, original lineset.

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Used Vengeance 170 - airlocked cells

DOM: Jan 2001


  • Material - Very Good
  • Lines - OK

The canopy is in good condition, but is priced cheaply due to the limited market (and we need to clear space on the shelf!)

Please note that this is not a canopy designed for novice jumpers. If you are currently jumping a Spectre, Pulse, Silhouette, Pilot or similar, then this is not likely to be a suitable canopy for you.

This canopy is likely to suit someone looking for a bit of a step up from their Sabre 2 or Safire, in particular someone who is looking for a canopy that handles well in turbulence. Please see the PD document describing flight characteristics.

Test jumps are welcome - please get in touch.

Vengeance-170VLCN/RN/R136lbs / 62kg204lbs / 92kg255lbs / 115kg285lbs / 129kg

Manufacturer: Performance Designs
Products specifications
Attribute nameAttribute value
Material(s)ZP (Zero Porosity)