Vector 3


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UPT logos or custom embroidery. UPT logos included on one sidewall and yoke. Please get in touch for more details.

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Developed by the legend Bill Booth, the Vector 3 is the latest generation of Vector container, very popular amongst freeflyers and trackers. Vector III M-series has been developed from the Micron: the most technically advanced harness and container system. Built in their ISO: 9001 certified factory, the Vector 3 is TSO certified and has the most options available so you can make it as unique as you are.

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The price of your Vector 3 includes:

  • Standard or V-split colour pattern
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Standard main D-bag, risers, trulock toggles, centerline 27" pilot chute, plastic handle
  • Magnetic riser covers
  • Cutaway handle and reserve D-ring
  • Deluxe backpad
  • Reserve pilot chute, bridle, free bag, toggles
  • One sidewall and yoke UPT embroidery
  • Hook knife pocket on front left leg strap
  • Owner's manual

Further options not listed here are available but are likely to have additional charges. More detailed descriptions of available options can be found here.

Please get in touch if you want more information or would like to make a purchase. Lead time is per the manufacturer's website.

Manufacturer: UPT Vector
Products specifications
Attribute nameAttribute value
Rig Specs
TSO CertifiedYes
Freefly FriendlyYes
AAD ReadyYes