Used Rigs

All of our used rigs are carefully inspected and have a fresh 6 month repack when they are first listed for sale. We encourage potential buyers to come and view the rigs either in store or at exhibitions and events we attend, and subject to availability and suitability, a free day of test jumping is available for potential purchasers.

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185 Vortex Container (1996)

Vortex container for 185 main canopy (170-190)

150 Vector 2 Container (1992)

Container only - canopies and AADs also available, please contact us for more information.
£375.00 £280.00

170 Rig - Vector 2, PDR 160, Sabre 170

150/170 rig, no AAD but options available to buy or rent unit.
£1,075.00 £760.00

150 Rig - Javelin, Decelerator, Vigil, Samurai

Complete 150 rig with new AAD