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Main Risers (Vector)

UPT risers come as standard with toggles and stainless steel hardware.

Main Pilot Chute (Vector)

Standard options are selected.

Cutaway Pad (Vector)

Cordura cutaway pad for UPT container Vector 3.

Toggles (Vector)

Toggles for UPT Vector risers. Toggles are included when purchasing risers.

Reserve Handle (Vector)

Your choice of reserve handle from UPT. Please note, if you have a short harness, some handles will not fit as they are too long. If you're unsure, please get in touch with your serial number and we can check for you.

White Lanyard & Pin (Vector)

UPT Universal Lanyard

Red Skyhook Lanyard (Vector)

UPT Red lanyard for connecting RSL Lanyard to Skyhook

Staging Loop (Vector)

Staged reserve deployment loop from UPT for Vector containers.

Belly Band (Vector)

UPT removable belly band for Vector container.

Staging Loop (Icon)

Aerodyne staged reserve deployment loop for Icon containers.