Updated Terms & Conditions

17 May 2020

We've made some changes to our Terms and Conditions page to make them easier to understand:

  • Removed as much legal terminology as possible
  • Reduced the word count by 40%
  • Split them up into collapsible sections, so it's easier to find what you're looking for
  • Moved duplicate text regarding data protection to our privacy policy

We want the basis of any purchase or hire to be mutual trust and good faith. Our Terms and Conditions are not there to catch you out, but simply to clarify expectations - it's in everyone's interests that they are easy to understand.

Did you know?

To date, we've refunded 100% of rental deposits in full at the end of rentals. This isn't to say we'll never need to retain a deposit, but you shouldn't expect the same experience that cheap car hire companies are renowned for!

Whilst we retain the right to increase pricing, we've so far retained a policy of not increasing pricing for existing customers. We have a customer who began renting from us in our first year of trading, and now pays less than 50% of the current pricing! Existing customers are given at least the same priority as new customers - you won't need to keep switching to get the best introductory offers like you do with insurance or phone contracts.

Prizes offered at raffles and events are usually transferable.

Our gift cards technically expire after 2 years, but we will usually continue to honour them after this, and we will always contact you before invalidating a gift card to give you a chance to use it. To date we have never expired or refused the redemption of a gift card.