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Take a look at the range of services we offer alongside product sales, including coaching, equipment inspections, and skydiving displays.

We will soon be offering AFF courses in the UK and abroad; please contact us if you are interested.

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Rig Inspection & Valuation

Discount available when booked with a reserve repack. If you are also booking a reserve repack, don't select any paid options on this page - they are all included as part of a reserve repack.

Escrow Sale Service

Buy and sell in confidence. Includes condition report and repack of main canopy. Please provide onward shipping address when checking out.

Cypres 2 Service

4 / 8 year (5 / 10 year on post 2017 units) maintenance on a Cypres 2.

Vigil Battery Replacement

The 10 / 12 year battery replacement service for Vigil II, Vigil 2+ and Vigil Cuatro.

Inspection & Reserve Repack

A thorough inspection of your equipment and repacking of both canopies. We offer 2 locations for dropoff and collection (Headcorn and Tilstock), or an insured courier service option for an additional £25. You can select your preferred option at checkout.

1 on 1 Canopy Coaching

One day of 1 on 1 canopy coaching with Jack Bradford

Skydiving Display / Demonstration

Book a display jump into your event with a local display team.
Contact us for pricing

Learn to Skydive - AFF Course

Learn to skydive solo on an AFF (Accelerated Freefall) course. The price shown here is for the deposit only, please see below for detailed information about pricing.

Reline Main Canopy

20% discount when purchased with a lineset

Main Canopy Assembly

Connecting your canopy to risers and rig.