Risers & Toggles

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Main Risers (Icon)

Main canopy risers for Aerodyne Icon

Main Risers (Javelin)

Javelin risers come as standard with easy grip toggles and stainless steel hardware, from Sun Path.

Main Risers (Vector)

UPT risers come as standard with toggles and stainless steel hardware.

Main Risers (Vortex)

Main Risers from Parachute Systems for Vortex container.

Main Steering Toggles (Vortex)

Yellow steering toggles for Parachute Systems risers.

Toggles (Vector)

Toggles for UPT Vector risers. Toggles are included when purchasing risers.

Used Steering Toggles

Various used steering toggles from mains or reserves with different sizes and attachments. Please get in touch for more information. Available to view in store.