Rig Inspection & Valuation

Discount available when booked with a reserve repack. If you are also booking a reserve repack, don't select any paid options on this page - they are all included as part of a reserve repack.

Providing jump numbers for the main canopy can aid in an accurate valuation

If the reserve is currently packed with supporting paperwork, we can undertake a basic valuation based off the paperwork. If you would prefer us to open the reserve and perform a full inspection, we may be able to provide a slightly more accurate valuation. If we open the reserve, we will rigger roll it afterwards, unless you have also booked a reserve repack. If we open the reserve without repacking it, we will be unable to repack the main canopy.

Tick if you  would like us to repack the main canopy after inspection.

Authorise a clamp test as per the PIA or manufacturer approved method. This applies an amount of force for an amount of time (usually around 40lb for 3 seconds) to test the current tensile strength of the material. We will only perform this test if deemed necessary (e.g. old, damaged or discoloured material).

If the material has degraded significantly, this test will create a tear or other damage to the canopy. By ticking this box you authorise us to perform this test in full knowledge of this potential result, and absolve us of any liability regarding the resultant damage.


Your preferred date for the item to be collected from you. Leave blank for collection as soon as possible. We can usually book collections for the next working day for orders placed by 3pm, but this may not always be possible. The collection will be booked for the delivery address you supply during checkout unless specified otherwise below.

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Are you concerned about the condition of your canopy? Want it checked or are looking to sell and want a full evaluation?

We offer a free valuation service, or the option to purchase a detailed report on the condition of the canopy - useful for putting a potential buyer's mind at ease, particularly if selling online.

Any additional history you can provide such as jump numbers can also help with an accurate valuation.

Inspection will usually be completed within a week, but may take longer at busy times. Please contact us ahead of sending your rig in if you'd like to pre-book for a faster turnaround (while you wait option may be available).

For courier collections, the rig must be securely packaged in a box, with a total weight less than 20kg, and volume of less than 75,000 cubic cm (multiple L x W x H in cm). Please contact us before booking if your rig / box exceeds this - we reserve the right to bill you for courier surcharges if you do not let us know before booking.

Manufacturer: XDream Ltd