Inspection & Reserve Repack

A thorough inspection of your equipment and repacking of both canopies. We offer 2 locations for dropoff and collection (Headcorn and Tilstock), or an insured courier service option for an additional £25. You can select your preferred option at checkout.

Please contact us in advance if you require either of the priority services. These will be subject to availability.

Using a courier service for collection and return will add at least 2 working days to the total turnaround time.

By default, we will contact you before we undertake any additional chargeable work on your rig. If you would like to pre-authorise additional work up to a certain limit, you can indicate this here. Sample pricing for common rigging jobs can be found below. Additional work will normally be invoiced on completion.

We do not charge for replacement closing loops, elastics, bungees, or small areas of replacement stitching.


Availability: On backorder (1-2 weeks).
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Your rig will be opened up, fully inspected (container, AAD and both canopies) and repacked by a suitably qualified person under the British Skydiving (BPA) system.

If any issues are found during inspection, you will be contacted immediately for your instructions. You may choose to pre-authorise us for a certain value of work you would like us to proceed with without contacting you.

Our standard turnaround time is 10 days, but this may vary seasonally. A priority option is available for an additional £20, where we will aim to complete the work in 1-3 days. Please contact us in advance if you are on a deadline to confirm whether we can meet your timescales. A while-you-wait service may also be available at additional cost.

For courier collections, the rig must be securely packaged in a sturdy box. We will contact you to arrange a collection, and we will email you a shipping label, which needs to be printed out and attached to the box.

Should the rig fail inspection, and you decide not to have the remedial work undertaken (i.e. we do not ultimately repack the reserve), we will refund 25% of the fee paid. You are welcome to have the remedial work undertaken elsewhere if you prefer not to accept our quote, and we will not charge for re-inspection when the rig is brought back to us.

Repacks on rigs purchased from us will attract a 25% discount. Please contact us if you do not have the discount code.

Common Jobs Sample Pricing

JobTypical Price
BOC Pocket Replacement£60
Kill Line Replacement£40
Hand Wash Container£60
Replace Slider Drawstring Channels£30 (one side)
£40 (both sides)
Riser Excess Elastic Replacement£30 (2 per riser)
Reline Main Canopy£125 (not including lineset)
20% discount when purchasing a lineset
Small Patch (less than 3" damage, at least 3" from seams)£75
Large Patch (up to 12") or Small Patch within 3" of a seam£100
Assembly (Container, Reserve, AAD)£30
Free assembly and initial repack included when purchasing 3 components
Assembly (Main Canopy)£20
Brake Line Replacement (cascade to toggle)£40
Brake Line Replacement (setting loop to toggle)£30

Some jobs may differ from the sample pricing shown here, for example Wings BOC pockets, patches on small cross-braced canopies and Icon assemblies require more work than average and may be slightly more.

Manufacturer: XDream Ltd