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Phantom X Visor

Replacement or additional lens for Phantom X and Phantom XV Helmets

L&B Batteries


Altitrack Wrist Wrap


Altitrack Finger Loop

Last of stock

L&B Battery Cover


L&B Hand Mount

Please note that a hand mount is included when purchasing a new Viso II+, Ares or Stella.

Main Risers (Vortex)

Main Risers from Parachute Systems for Vortex container.

RSL Lanyard (Vortex)

RSL Lanyard from Parachute Systems.

Vigil Cutter

Vigil Replacement Cutter

Vigil Battery Replacement

The 10 / 12 year battery replacement service for Vigil II, Vigil 2+ and Vigil Cuatro.

Vortex Reserve Handle (for Spectra ripcord)

Handle only - requires Spectra ripcord to be purchased separately

Vortex d-bag, bridle & PC (120, Gold Hackey)

Image not of actual product
£200 £160

Vortex Reserve Freebag & Bridle

If you require spare parts for a Vortex purchased from us, please contact us before ordering.

Vortex Reserve Pilot Chute

Vortex reserve pilot chutes come in 2 sizes. Please ensure you select the correct size for your container. If you've lost this after a cutaway, you'll also need a freebag!

Neptune Battery

Last of stock!

Galaxy / Atlas 1" Wrist Strap

Is the Velcro on your Galaxy hand mount getting a bit tired? Replace it quickly and easily to keep your altimeter secure with a fresh wrist strap.

Vortex Reserve Pilot Chute (Used)

Parachute Systems Reserve Pilot Chute
£210 £125

Main Steering Toggles (Vortex)

Yellow steering toggles for Parachute Systems risers.

Used Steering Toggles

Various used steering toggles from mains or reserves with different sizes and attachments. Please get in touch for more information. Available to view in store.