Pricing Policy

XDream Pull Up Cords

XDream Pricing Policy

Mission Statement: To support new and progressing skydivers in the UK.

In order to ensure the best service possible, we have a few pricing policies of which we would like to make you aware.

  • Our staff are not able to haggle or negotiate on prices. They are¬†trained to help you find the product or service that is right for you and will not make recommendations based on price or profit margins.
  • All of our staff are assessed based on customer feedback and do not have sales targets or commission.
  • If you believe a product may be incorrectly priced, please contact us¬†and we will review the price. If we decide to change the price then it will be changed for all customers and, where possible, we will also refund any difference to customers who have purchased the product in the last 7 days.
  • We do not attempt to match prices with other retailers. We aim to offer a fair price to everyone, which provides you with good value and allows us to provide the highest level of customer service and after-sales support.
  • We do not offer generic concessions to military, students, or other groups, although sponsorship deals may be available in some circumastances. Please contact us with a sponsorship proposal if you feel that you may be able to offer a mutually beneficial sponsorship arrangement.
  • We aim to be as transparent as possible with our pricing. Where a product has multiple options of varying cost, the headline price will usually be the most common option (not necessarily the lowest option).
  • Many skydiving products are sourced from abroad and are dependant on the exchange rate. Whilst we aim to keep pricing as consistent as possible, prices may change at any time based on the value of the GBP.
  • All prices include applicable VAT, and there is no import tax due on any products purchased from us (you are buying from a UK based company, we handle any import fees before making a sale).
  • Prices listed do not include shipping. Shipping costs can be viewed on the checkout page and are based on the value and weight of the basket. These shipping costs reflect shipping from the UK (as per import tax above, international shipping fees are paid by us and included in the listed retail price). Collections can be made from us in store at no additional cost.