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Main Risers (Vortex)

Main Risers from Parachute Systems for Vortex container.

RSL Lanyard (Vortex)

RSL Lanyard from Parachute Systems.

Cutaway Pad (Vortex)

Cutaway Pad from Parachute Systems. Only red available.

Vortex d-bag, bridle & PC (120, Gold Hackey)

Image not of actual product
£200 £160

Vortex Reserve Freebag & Bridle

If you require spare parts for a Vortex purchased from us, please contact us before ordering.

Main Steering Toggles (Vortex)

Yellow steering toggles for Parachute Systems risers.

Canopy Rental

  • Low pack volume models available
  • Try a range of modern canopies, swap any time*
  • 25% lifetime discount when purchasing a container, reserve and AAD
  • Earn credit towards a future canopy purchase
  • Supplied on risers with RSL rings both sides for easy installation
  • Modern, well maintained canopies

*Subject to availability


White Lanyard & Pin (Vortex)

Universal Lanyard from Parachute Systems.