Parachute Systems

We have been working closely with Parachute Systems since 2014 and we are now the main dealer for Parachute Systems equipment in the UK. We usually have a range of demo equipment available to try out, including Vortex containers, Volt and Hurricane main canopies.

We also try to maintain stock of all relevant spare parts for the Vortex container in the UK; so if you're unlucky enough to lose your parts after a cutaway, or to find a part is unserviceable at your 6 monthly inspection and reserve repack, we can get your replacements out to you within days to get you back in the air without delay.

Current lead time is just 6-8 weeks.

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Belly Band


Closing Pin Curved

Stainless steel curved pin used to close most harness/container's main container.

Cutaway Pad


Decelerator 180 Reserve

Clearance reserve canopy - unused / still in bag. DOM 2016 Similar pack volume to PDR 160 / Tempo 170



Kill Line Bridle

Replacement bridle including kill line.

Main Deployment Handle

Replacement handle, Freefly or Hackey.

Main Risers


Rig Bundle

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RSL Lanyard