Loops & Links

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Cypres Closing Loop

Reserve closing loop from Airtec.
£1.50 - £1.75

Cypres Closing Loop Material

A roll of material used to make reserve closing loops.

Main Closing Loop

White closing loops of your desired length. Keep your closing loops in good condition!
£1.50 - £2.50

Soft Links - Aerodyne

Soft links for Aerodyne main and reserve canopies (Smart, Pilot, Zulu etc)

Soft Links (PD)

Soft Links for Performance Designs canopies

SS Maillon Rapide Links (Clearance)

Used / second hand in good condition.

Staging Loop (Icon)

Aerodyne staged reserve deployment loop for Icon containers.

Staging Loop (Vector)

Staged reserve deployment loop from UPT for Vector containers.

Vigil Closing Loop

Reserve closing loop from AAD Vigil.
£3.25 - £3.50