L&B are well known in the skydiving community for their great quality products and exceptional customer service.

L&B is dedicated to bringing skydivers the best in audible and visual altimeters. Since we started, we have applied the latest technology, innovations and user-friendly features to our products with one thing in mind... YOU! Starting with the Original DYTTER, we have come a long way and are now offering audible altimeters like ProTrack, Solo II & Optima II. We extended our altimeter line and brought you both Altitrack and the Viso II.

L&B Website (December 2014)

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Viso II+

£260 £234

Air Filter Removal Tool Kit

£15 £13.50

Altitrack Finger Loop

£10 £9

Altitrack Mounting Platform

£15 £13.50

Altitrack Wrist Wrap

£25 £22.50

Ares II

£350 £315

Ares II Elastic Wrist Mount

£40 £36

Ares II Sew On Pocket

£15 £13.50

GoPro + Viso Elastic Wrist Mount (Large)

Last of stock! Fits the 'old' style GoPro remote. Does not fit GoPro 'The Remote'.
£40 £36

GoPro WiFi Remote Elastic Wrist Mount

Last of stock!
£35 £31.50

L&B Batteries

£8 £7.20

L&B Battery Cover

£10 £9