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Javelin Reserve Freebag & Bridle


If you've lost this after a cutaway, you'll also need a reserve pilot chute!


Javelin Odyssey

World class Odyssey container from Sun Path. The most common options that can be added to your Javelin are listed below.

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Javelin Accuracy

The only container you need for Accuracy jumping. This product is for informational purposes only, please get in touch for advice on measurements and options. Common options are listed below.

Cutaway Pad (Javelin)

Phat Daddy cordura cutaway pad for Javelin containers from Sun Path.

Reserve Handle (Javelin)

Reserve handle and cable for Javelin containers from Sun Path.

Main Pilot Chute (Javelin)

Kill-line bridle and F-111 pilot chute from Sun Path. See description below for the standard pilot chute diameter for each container size.

Main Risers (Javelin)

Javelin risers come as standard with easy grip toggles and stainless steel hardware, from Sun Path.

Belly Band (Javelin)


Legpad Covers (Javelin)

Carbondura leg pad covers from Sun Path.

Hard Housing Set (Javelin)

Replacement hard housing for Javelin container, from Sun Path.

Javelin RSL Lanyard

Replacement RSL lanyard for Sun Path containers, includes black lanyard with shackle, yellow Collins lanyard, white lanyard and reserve pin

Javelin Reserve Freebag & Bridle (Pre K-series)

Pre K-series.

If you've lost this after a cutaway, you'll also need a reserve pilot chute!


170/190 Rig, Javelin, PDR 160, Cypres, Spectre 170

This is a Javelin "Legacy" - not the latest Odyssey. Please check with your freefly coach regarding compatibility of this with freeflying. The rig can be viewed at Headcorn and various UK events. Please scroll down for detailed information.

Javelin J4K, Optimum 193, Spectre 190, Cypres C-Mode

Immaculate condition, Javelin rig for 170/190 mains and a small harness. Available to view and try at Tilstock or Headcorn by prior arrangement. £1650 off new price.