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Main Pilot Chute (Vector)

Standard options are selected.

Cutaway Pad (Vector)

Cordura cutaway pad for UPT container Vector 3.

Reserve Handle (Vector)

Your choice of reserve handle from UPT. Please note, if you have a short harness, some handles will not fit as they are too long. If you're unsure, please get in touch with your serial number and we can check for you.

Cutaway Handles (Generic)

Various new cutaway handles

Spectra Ripcord

Ripcord only - handle sold separately.

Main Pilot Chute (Icon)

Standard options are selected.

Cutaway Pad (Icon)

Compatible with all Icon containers. Red usually held in stock.

Reserve Handle (Icon)

Aerodyne reserve handle and cable for Icon containers. Please note your desired colour in order notes if selecting soft pad.

Extractor Main Pilot Chute (Icon)

The Extractor pilot chute flies through your openings due to its functional design and curved shape. The result is less oscillation, stronger pull force, and an increased likelihood of on-heading openings.

The freefall-friendly variant features mesh at the apex for a reliable and positive deployment while the wingsuit variant also utilises a second ring of mesh to assist in openings at slower speeds. Both come as standard with our new Flex handle.

Aerodyne Website May 2021

Cutaway Pad (Javelin)

Phat Daddy cordura cutaway pad for Javelin containers from Sun Path.

Reserve Handle (Javelin)

Reserve handle and cable for Javelin containers from Sun Path.

Main Pilot Chute (Javelin)

Kill-line bridle and F-111 pilot chute from Sun Path. See description below for the standard pilot chute diameter for each container size.