Grellfab Cutaway Handle

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Spare cut-away handle for GrellFAB mounts.

Make sure it's the right size for your mount!

Mount  1    2    3  
GF1001 (Hero2 to Cookie G3)/
GF1002 (Hero3/3+/4 to Cookie G3)/
GF1004 (Hero 3 Dive Housing to Cookie G3)/
GF1005 (HERO3/3+/4 Housing to Cookie G3)/
GF1025 (HERO5 to Cookie G3)/
GF1102 (HERO3/3+/4 Direct to PhantomX)/
GF1105 (HERO3/3+/4 Standard Housing to PhantomX)/
GF1109 (HERO4/5 Session to PhantomX)/
GF1125 (HERO5 to PhantomX)/
GF1202 (HERO3/3+/4 Direct to PhantomXV)/
GF1205 (HERO3/3+/4 Standard Housing to PhantomXV)/
GF1209 (HERO4/5 Session to PhantomXV)/
GF1225 (HERO5 to PhantomXV)/
GF1006 (Dual HERO3/3+/4 Housing to Cookie G3)/
GF1007 (HERO3/3+/4/Session to Cookie G3 [Adjustable])/
GF1008 (Dual HERO4/5 Session to Cookie G3)/
GF1009 (HERO4/5 Session to Cookie G3)/
GF1027 (HERO5/Session to Cookie G3 [Adjustable])/
GF1407 (HERO3/3+/4/Session to KISS [Adjustable])/
GF1427 (HERO5/Session to KISS [Adjustable])/
Manufacturer: GrellFab