Escrow Sale Service

Buy and sell in confidence. Includes condition report and repack of main canopy. Please provide onward shipping address when checking out.

The email address of the buyer. We will send the inspecion report to both buyer and seller once complete, and we will send the rig on once we have received confirmation from both parties that the transaction is to go ahead and that the payment has been made.


Your preferred date for the item to be collected from you. Leave blank for collection as soon as possible. We can usually book collections for the next working day for orders placed by 3pm, but this may not always be possible. The collection will be booked for the delivery address you supply during checkout unless specified otherwise below.


Providing jump numbers for the main canopy can aid in an accurate valuation

Please select if you would like us to do a full inspection of the inside of the reserve tray, reserve canopy and AAD along with repack. If this is not selected the inspection will not include these areas, but will include the information available on the paperwork.

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Buy and sell with confidence using our escrow service.

  1. You (buyer or seller) purchase escrow service on this page
  2. Seller sends the item (canopy, rig etc) to us
  3. We conduct an inspection on the equipment and send a report to buyer and seller
  4. If both parties are happy, the buyer pays the seller
  5. We send the rig fully insured to the buyer (or back to the seller if the sale is cancelled)

We can usually provide quotes for any additional rigging work that may need doing or be recommended.

Inspection will usually be completed within a week, but may take longer at busy times. Please contact us ahead of sending your rig in if you'd like to pre-book for a faster turnaround.

For courier collections, the rig must be securely packaged in a box, with a total weight less than 15kg, and volume of less than 75,000 cubic cm (multiple L x W x H in cm). Please contact us before booking if your rig / box exceeds this - we reserve the right to bill you for courier surcharges if you do not let us know before booking.

Manufacturer: XDream Ltd