XDream Ltd

We have a number of products that we source ourselves, from rig accessories made in the local rigging loft to rental equipment.

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1 on 1 Canopy Coaching

One day of 1 on 1 canopy coaching with Jack Bradford

Freefly Bungee

Ab €1,60

Neck Warmer


Neck Warmer XD


Canopy Rental

Please see below for more information on rentals. The £100 payment made online is for the refundable deposit, rental payments are paid by Direct Debit on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis. Availability varies, please get in touch for upcoming availability if what you require is not in stock below. Please note that the canopy rented may vary from the canopy depicted in the photo.

Closing Loops Coloured (5 pack)

Pack of 5 coloured closing loops. Keep your closing loops in good condition!

Custom Skydiving Gloves

Prices drop with quantity purchased (applies to total order across all sizes and variations). Minimum purchase 10. Prices shown include VAT at 20% unless otherwise stated. VAT receipt available on order.
Ab €11,00