UPT Vector

Manufacturers of the original Wonderhog, and now the Vector 3 Micron / M-Series, UPT have produced over 63,000 rigs over 44 years.

Proprietor Bill Booth is one of the most well known names in the industry, having invented a number of every day safety features seen on modern rigs including the 3 ring system and the Skyhook.

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Vector 3

Please note: the price listed is the base price of the Vector 3 container, after adding the most popular options, expect the price to be around £3,500. Please contact us for advice regarding measurements, size, options, or to make a purchase.

Main Risers (UPT)

UPT risers come as standard with toggles and stainless steel hardware.

Cutaway Pad (UPT)

Cordura cutaway pad for UPT container Vector 3.

Main Pilot Chute (UPT)

Standard options are selected.

UPT Toggles

Toggles for UPT risers. Toggles are included when purchasing risers.

UPT Reserve Handle

Your choice of reserve handle from UPT.

Safety Stow

Replacement Freebag Safety Stow.

Spectra Ripcord

Ripcord only - handle sold separately.