Diese Seite ist jetzt alt, und wird bald veraendert. Wenn Sie mogen mit uns arbeiten, kontakten Sie uns. Wir lesen alle Sponsoring-Vorschlage.

We aim to encourage and support skydivers across the UK, and as part of this, we have sponsorship deals with a variety of organisations to help them achieve their goals.

Bristol University Skydiving Club

Bristol University were the first university we entered into a sponsorship agreement with and so far we have helped them run tunnel evenings, provided prizes for their achievements raffle, and we are always on hand to provide a helping hand. 

As part of this sponsorship deal with XDream and Parachute Systems, Bristol University have bought 3 custom made rigs with their university branding. These rigs came with a variety of sizes of canopies allowing student members to progress and become more involved in the sport.

University of Southampton Skydiving Club

Southampton have always had a large university club and are always keen to encourage new people to join the wonderful world of skydiving. In our role as sponsors, we help with gear and advice to their new members and have encouraged their older and more qualified members to improve their skills. 

Jack has also been coaching the Southampton based team, TBC, as they compete at events around the country. This is their first season and they have so far earnt 6 medals (2 bronze, 2 silver, 2 gold) in a range of competitions including UKSL meets, Dunks Cup and BCPA competitions.

University of Leeds Skydiving Club 

Leeds are the newest addition to our sponsored clubs.