Containers, canopies and AADs from a range of reputable manufacturers. Although we try to give you as much information online as possible, if you are looking to purchase a canopy, container or complete setup, we recommend contacting us for a consultation so we can guide you through the options available.

Purchase of a complete system (container, main, reserve, AAD) will give you free shipping (applied automatically at checkout), and of course we will assemble and pack the rig for you.

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Escrow Sale Service

Buy and sell in confidence. Includes condition report and repack of main canopy. Please provide onward shipping address when checking out.

Rig Rental

Rent a complete rig on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis and avoid the hassle of waiting for DZ gear, or save money when going jumping abroad.

Availability varies, please get in touch for upcoming availability if what you require is not in stock below.

Height listed with harness size is an approximation of the person the rig is expected to fit, but may fit up to 2-3" either side depending on body length. We recommend visiting us to try rigs on where possible.

All rigs are freefly friendly and come with a Cypres or Vigil AAD.