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FX Open Face Helmet (Small)

Clearance stock of open face helmets in gloss black.

Kiss Helmet - White / Small

Only one available

Cookie Gas Visor (XL or XXL)

Replacement Visor for Cookie Gas full face XL or XXL

Sward Sports Gloves

Clearance gloves
£15.00 £6.40

PD Canopy Carry Bag - Clearance

A convenient way to store and transport spare canopies. Clearance stock previously used for XDream demo & rental canopies.

Clearance Hook / Jack Knife

A range of hook knives and jack knives with and without pockets - sold as seen.

DexShell Waterproof Socks (Clearance)

Ultralite Bamboo socks - last of stock. Please see Dexshell Ultra Thin socks for the latest alternative Waterproof | Breathable | Close Fitting

Hardback Skydiving Logbook (2 per page)

Hardback logbook, "The Kit Store" branded front cover

Main Pilot Chute (Clearance)

Variety of clearance pilot chutes, new and used.
£40.00 £20.00

Soft Goggles (Clearance)

Soft leather rimmed goggles in a variety of colours - last of stock.

Elastic Bungees (Clearance)

Clearance Bungees - we now sell bungees from Performance Designs due to the higher quality. Please see related products below.
£2.50 £1.20

Cameye II

Camera control device for older camera (predecessor to the Hypeye). Last of stock.
£25.00 £12.00

Extreme FX 104 Lineset

Vectran lineset for an Icarus Extreme FX 104.
£300.00 £192.00

GoPro Wide Lens Replacement Kit

Last of stock

Hypeye D Pro