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FX Open Face Helmet (Small)

Clearance stock of open face helmets in gloss black.

DexShell Waterproof Socks (Clearance)

Ultralite Bamboo socks - last of stock. Please see Dexshell Ultra Thin socks for the latest alternative Waterproof | Breathable | Close Fitting

Hardback Skydiving Logbook (2 per page)

Hardback logbook, "The Kit Store" branded front cover

Main Pilot Chute (Clearance)

Variety of clearance pilot chutes, new and used.
£40.00 £20.00

Cameye II

Camera control device for older camera (predecessor to the Hypeye). Last of stock.
£25.00 £12.00

Extreme FX 104 Lineset

Vectran lineset for an Icarus Extreme FX 104.
£300.00 £192.00

GoPro Wide Lens Replacement Kit

Last of stock

Hypeye D Pro


Crosswind DVD

Skydiving DVD Clearance / last of stock / antique item
£22.00 £6.40

Eyes In The Sky Photobook

"Eyes in the Sky" is a book of photographs by Patrick Passe and Wendy Smith from the 90s. It took fifteen years of skydiving to reach completion. With 200 photos and 168 pages, "Eyes in the Sky" is a book one will keep lovingly on one’s bookshelf so as to remember some unique moments that have marked the history of sport parachuting.
£20.00 £6.40