Various rigging materials conforming to the appropriate standard (Mil spec or PIA spec) unless otherwise stated.

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Ab €1,30

Type 12 Nylon Webbing

Type 12 Webbing per meter
Ab €2,75

Type 8 Nylon Webbing

Type 8 Webbing per meter
Ab €4,45

Yellow 3 Ring Cable (meter)

Lolon coated cable used in 3 ring release systems. Sold by the meter
Ab €1,65

Bronze Shackle

Ab €19,00

Cypres Closing Loop

Reserve closing loop from Airtec.
Ab €1,35

Cypres Closing Loop Material

A roll of material used to make reserve closing loops.

Cypres Pull Up

Reserve pull up cord from Airtec.

Vigil Closing Loop

Reserve closing loop from AAD Vigil.
Ab €2,95

Type 3 Tape 1" (Binding Tape)

Type 3 tape PIA-T-5038 spec Sold by the meter
Ab €1,85