GrellFab LogoGrellFab have made a number of non destructive camera mounts with cutaways for GoPro cameras on several popular helmets. These cutaway systems only release the camera- leaving you with your helmet should you need to cut away your camera.

New releases are frequent to keep up with new helmets coming to market and new versions of the GoPro. For the most up to date product lists and information, check out the GrellFab website. We can get hold of all GrellFab mounts (even if they are not currently listed on this site).

Always check with your Chief Instructor before jumping a new camera setup.

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Grellfab Cutaway Handle

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Grellfab Mount Backdoor (GF1407)

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GrellFab Camera Mount - Cookie G3

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£125.00 £95.00

GrellFab Camera Mount - Phantom X

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£135.00 £95.00