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Freitag, 21. Dezember 2018

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Since 2015, where it began as a 'one-off' idea at Christmas, we have proudly supported Crisis. Crisis is a charity who not only provide shelter, showers, health checks, and food to homeless people across the UK, but also advice, support, and courses to help homeless people work towards getting a job, a house, or maintaining their wellbeing, as well as so much more.

So far, we have helped Crisis throughout the years in a few different ways:

  - Profits from orders through December have been donated to the Crisis at Christmas appeal

  - At the Expo and other events, we ask for donations to Crisis when playing our bungee game

  - Revenue from items donated to us and sold on are sent to Crisis.

Mind are a charity who support those with mental health problems by provding advice and support. They also campaign to improve services and awareness surrounding mental health.


We are delighted to announce that from 2019 we are going to be supporting Mind alongside Crisis by donating 5% of our annual profit between these two charities.

As well as this, we will continue to make seasonal donations, and donate all revenue from items gifted to us. 

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