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AAD Rental

Easy Direct Debit payments, no cancellation notice and only £100 deposit! Availability may vary.

Cypres Washer

Securely fastens the CYPRES closing loop. Smooth edges to prevent loop abrasion. Also referred to as a “Smiley” due to the way it appears. Buy multiple for more cost effective shipping rates.
£2.80 - £3

Cypres Processing Unit Pouch

Replacement pouch for Cypres AAD processing unit.

Cypres Closing Loop

Reserve closing loop from Airtec.
£1.50 - £1.75

Vigil Washer

Vigil AAD Washer for securing Vigil Closing Loop for reserve container.
£3.60 - £3.76

Cypres Cutter Retainer

Bound elastic retainer for Cypres cutter.

Cypres Control Unit Pouch

Clear bound pouch for Cypres LCD control unit.

Cypres Closing Loop Material

A roll of material used to make reserve closing loops.

Cypres Pull Up

Reserve pull up cord from Airtec.

Cypres Packers Kit

Various Cypres packing items

Cypres Retrofit Kit

Cypres parts for making an old container Cypres Ready.

Cypres Filter Changer


Cypres Replacement Filter

Replacement filters for Cypres AAD.

Cypres Silicone Bottle


Cypres Silicone Cloth


Cypres 2 Cutter

Replacement Cutter for Cypres 2 AAD