Cutaway & Reserve Handles

Replacement emergency handles for sport skydiving containers

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Cutaway Handles (Generic)

Various new cutaway handles

Cutaway Pad (Icon)

Compatible with all Icon containers. Red usually held in stock.

Cutaway Pad (PS)

Only red available

Cutaway Pad (Sun Path)

Phat Daddy cordura cutaway pad for Javelin containers

Cutaway Pad (UPT)

Cordura cutaway pad for UPT container Vector 3.

Reserve Handle (Aerodyne)

Reserve handle and cable for Icon containers. Please note your desired colour in order notes if selecting soft pad.

Reserve Handle (Sun Path)

Reserve handle and cable for Javelin containers.

Reserve Handle (UPT Vector)

Your choice of reserve handle from UPT.

Spectra Ripcord

Ripcord only - handle sold separately.

Used Cutaway Handle


Vortex Reserve Handle (Cable & Pin)

If you are unsure of which length to purchase, please get in touch with your container size and/or serial number.

Vortex Reserve Handle (for Spectra ripcord)

Handle only - requires Spectra ripcord to be purchased separately

Student Main Ripcord