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Used Cutaway Handle

Various used cutaway handles, see selection.

Yellow 3 Ring Cable (meter)

Lolon coated cable used in 3 ring release systems. Sold by the meter
£2 - £3

Silicone Lubricant Spray

Ensure your cutaway cables are clean and slippery, ideal for use at repack time or maintenance sessions.

Cutaway Pad (Vector)

Cordura cutaway pad for UPT container Vector 3.

Cookie Fuel - Chinstrap

A choice of:

Cutaway Chinstrap, which Cookie has re-designed to feature the same ease of use as their cutaway chin cup! This product allows users to quickly disconnect the chinstrap using a low-profile but easy-to-access cutaway handle;

Padded Chinstrap with the red and black quick release buckle;

And The Original Chinstrap.

Cookie Fuel - Cutaway Chincup

Cookie has designed a completely new Chincup with an one of a kind cutaway system that allows easy conversion from cutaway to fixed without any tools. Available in all twelve Fuel colours.

Cutaway Handles (Generic)

Various new cutaway handles

Cutaway Pad (Icon)

Compatible with all Icon containers. Red usually held in stock.

Reserve Handle (Icon)

Aerodyne reserve handle and cable for Icon containers. Please note your desired colour in order notes if selecting soft pad.

Cutaway Pad (Javelin)

Phat Daddy cordura cutaway pad for Javelin containers from Sun Path.

Reserve Handle (Javelin)

Reserve handle and cable for Javelin containers from Sun Path.