Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR WikiWhen most people think of successfull business, they think of growing turnovers and large profits. Whilst these are important and necessary metrics for any business, we think success is defined a little differently. XDream was founded with a clear mission to support progression in skydiving, and we prefer to measure our success by the number of happy customers whom we have helped - be it fulfilling an online order, introducing someone to our amazing sport, or simply helping them out with some useful advice.

Looking beyond this at the bigger picture, we all (as individuals and businesses) share this planet and its resources, and every one of us must do our bit to ensure that we may all continue to do so into the future. Skydiving may not be an inherantly eco-friendly sport, however that doesn't mean we shouldn't do what we can to minimise waste and help those around us.

Below we break down different areas of our business and practices which we consider to constitute some of our "corporate responsibility", both within the sport and on a wider scale. We'd also love to hear any ideas that you might have for further targets.


RecycleOne of the easiest things we can all do to minimise our impact on the environment is to reduce the amount of waste we produce - "reduce, reuse, recycle". These are generally small changes to make, for example we take the following measures:

  • All staff have company mugs for tea & coffee, eliminating paper cup waste
  • Where possible, packaging from suppliers (e.g. bubble wrap) is reused
  • Any other recyclable packaging is recycled
  • We aim to run a "paperless office", storing all documents digitally and providing receipts by email and text

Naturally, many of these policies have the added bonus of reduced costs. We have some of the lowest domestic shipping rates in the sector and our efforts to minimise and reuse packaging play a part in this*.

We are now moving towards purchasing only packaging that can be recycled. Currently all boxed shipments are in cardboard boxes, use recyclable paper tape, and are padded with tissue paper. Smaller items are still packaged in padded envelopes or grey bags which we hope to find a replacement for in the near future.

*Except packaging used by the manufacturer / our supplier.


Crisis at ChristmasSince Christmas 2015 we have supported Crisis homeless charity. Beginning as a one-off idea to donate all profits made on orders over the Christmas period to helping homeless people off the street at Christmas, Crisis have become our default charity throughout the year.

  • Over a period around Christmas each year, we donate all profits from orders to the Crisis at Christmas appeal
  • At the Expo and other events we use our bungee flicking game to attract donations to Crisis
  • Any items which have been donated to us and are sold on, all revenue is donated to Crisis


Skydiving equipment is now safer than it has ever been, and human error is the leading cause of accidents within our sport. Education is one of our core company values, and alongside the paid educational services we provide (AFF, Wind Tunnel, Canopy Courses), we do a significant amount of instructional work for free, including regular miscellaneous briefs at the dropzone, publishing useful content online, and packing and rig maintenance training.


We have various plans to further the work we do in these areas, including:

  • More detailed research into supply chains regarding environmental impacts and ethical working conditions
  • Carbon offsetting for postage and other activities
  • Localise sources or manufacture of goods, including more in-house production