Cookie's focus is to solve real issues skydivers face during free-fall and canopy-piloting. Avoiding dangerous situations is what drives our research, development and ideas.

Either while designing a new cutaway system or a safer camera mount, we always strive to do our best and never settle for anything that could compromise the quality of our products.

Our team is not only passionate about skydiving but also about creating the best and most innovative products for the SKY!

Cookie Website (Dec 2014)

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Cookie G35 - Full Face Helmet

The G-thirty-five: successor and replacement for the favourite Cookie G3.

Cookie G35 Liner

Replacement liners for the Cookie G35 full face helmet.

Cookie G4 Liner

Replacement liners for the Cookie G4, impact-rated, full face helmet.

Cookie M3 Liner

Replacement liners for the Cookie M3, impact-rated, open-face helmet. Helmet not included.

Cookie Fuel - Chinstrap


Cookie Fuel - Audible Side Plate

Audible holder for your Cookie Fuel

Cookie Flatlock

For Cookie Fuel