Container Spares & Accessories

Spares, replacement parts and upgrades for your container. Had a chop and lost your freebag? Want longer risers? Or perhaps a belly band to give you the most from your swoops?

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Belly Band


Closing Loop

White closing loops of your desired length. Keep your closing loops in good condition!
From €2.00

Closing Loops Coloured (5 pack)

Pack of 5 coloured closing loops. Keep your closing loops in good condition!

Closing Pin Curved

Stainless steel curved pin used to close most harness/container's main container.
From €3.00

Cutaway Pad


Elastic Bungees (PD)

A bag of small or large elastic bungees by Performance Designs.

Freefly Bungee

From €2.00

Javelin Reserve Pilot Chute

For all javelin containers. If you've lost this after a cutaway, you'll also need a freebag!

Kill Line Bridle

Replacement bridle including kill line.

LookMa Wedge Mount

Custom order LookMa Wedge Altimeter mount.

Main Deployment Handle

Replacement handle only, Freefly or Hackey. (Pilot chute not included)