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Tribal Art T-Shirt

Reduced due to sun fading on shoulders
£15.00 £9.20

Symbi Jacket - Small

£18.00 £7.60

Bonehead Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Reduced due to sun fading
£15.00 £6.40

Sofpidarf T-Shirt

School of fast progression in downsizing and radical canopy flying


An easy way to add a little range to your slow fall
£23.00 £14.40

Crosswind DVD

Skydiving DVD Clearance / last of stock / antique item
£22.00 £6.40

Eyes In The Sky Photobook

"Eyes in the Sky" is a book of photographs by Patrick Passe and Wendy Smith from the 90s. It took fifteen years of skydiving to reach completion. With 200 photos and 168 pages, "Eyes in the Sky" is a book one will keep lovingly on one’s bookshelf so as to remember some unique moments that have marked the history of sport parachuting.
£20.00 £8.00

VHS Skydiving Videos

Dig out and dust off your VHS tape player and travel back to the 90's to watch these retro skydiving videos. Clearance / last of stock / antique item
£22.00 £4.80

150 Vector 2 Container (1992)

Container only - canopies and AADs also available, please contact us for more information.
£375.00 £280.00

30g Elastic Micro Bungees (Clearance)

Clearance Micro Bungees - we now sell bungees from Performance Designs due to the higher quality. Please see related products below.
£2.50 £1.40