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TKS Skydiving Logbook (2 per page)

Hardback logbook, The Kit Store branded front cover, 2 skydives per page for recording inside.

Cameye II

Camera control device for older camera (predecessor to the Hypeye). Last of stock.
€29.00 €14.00

GoPro Wide Lens Replacement Kit

Last of stock

Hypeye D Pro


Sony Multi-Terminal Adapter

€58.00 €42.00

Deluxe Weight Belt

€70.00 €47.00

mi Jacket


Pin Jumper


Skydive Jumper


White & Pink ladies T-Shirt

Small ladies fit t-shirt
€18.00 €10.00

Pink Canopies T-Shirt

3 styles of Headcorn T-shirt

Slipstream Tandem T-Shirt (XL)

XL t-shirt, last of stock

Headcorn Skydivers T-Shirt (L)

Last of stock t-shirts. Large.