Canopy Rental

  • Low pack volume models available
  • Try a range of modern canopies, swap any time*
  • 25% lifetime discount when purchasing a container, reserve and AAD
  • Earn credit towards a future canopy purchase
  • Supplied on risers with RSL rings both sides for easy installation
  • Modern, well maintained canopies

*Subject to availability

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Please see below for more information regarding canopy models and pack volumes.

  • Spectre
    Not available
  • Storm
    Not available
  • Silhouette
    Not available
  • Pulse
    Not available
  • Sabre 3
    Sabre 3
    Not available
  • Navigator
    Not available
  • Pilot
    Not available
  • Pilot ZPX
    Pilot ZPX
    Not available
  • Solo / Solo ZPX
    Solo / Solo ZPX
    Not available

Customers renting a canopy to accompany a rig purchased with us will receive a 25% discount on canopy rental (£90/month or £210/quarter)

Please go to to set up a Direct Debit. No charges will be made to the Direct Debit until the rig is available to you.


Please note that we may contact your dropzone to validate your identity


Please attach a photograph or scan of photo ID (driving licence or passport). This should match the name on the card used to pay the deposit and the name on the Direct Debit agreement.

Before starting a rental, you should ensure that the equipment is suitable for your experience and type of jumping, and ensure you have read the appropriate manufacturer manuals before using the equipment. We have quick links to manufacturer guides on most of our products on this page. We are happy to help if you need any guidance choosing the most suitable equipment.

I confirm that I am over 18 years of age and I have read and agree to the terms and conditions. I understand that I am responsible for returning the equipment in good condition, and I will inspect the equipment and the start and end of the rental. I understand that if the main canopy is packed on receipt, that this is for convenience and transport only, and I am responsible for the safe packing of the main canopy on every jump.

Availability: Checking stock availability- please wait...
Refundable deposit paid by card. Recurring rental payments are by Direct Debit.
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Save yourself the expensive outlay on a new canopy, or the headache of finding a good value second hand canopy by renting on a monthly or quarterly basis. Whether you want to try out different canopy, or if you just need a short term solution while you save up to buy, our rentals will keep you in the air when you need it. You'll also have the flexibility to try different models during your rental, ideal if you are unsure which canopies are best suited to you.

Canopies will be provided on demo risers and in d-bag, contained inside a convenient canopy carry bag. If these are provided, you are welcome to use the canopy with these parts, or swap them for your own. Please return the canopy in the same configuration it was provided in.

The Spectre, Silhouette, Pulse, Storm, and Pilot are typically suitable for novice / intermediate jumpers in the larger sizes (190-230). The Sabre 3 is designed for slightly more experienced canopy pilots. Please contact us with details of your experience for advice, or speak to your local canopy coach.

The comparative pack volumes are, from largest to smallest, Pilot, Sabre 3, Storm, Spectre, Silhouette, Pilot ZPX, Pulse. i.e. the Pilot ZPX and Pulse have the smallest pack volume and are most suitable if you are looking to fit a larger canopy in a smaller container. Please consult the container manufacturer's sizing guides or contact us if you are unsure.

In line with our sales policy, we may request information or references regarding your experience to ensure that the equipment you are renting is appropriate for you.

The canopy rented may vary from the canopy depicted in the photo.