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Conceptus Camera Switch

Last of stock!

Grellfab Mount Backdoor

Last of stock.

Grellfab Screw-on Chin Piece for Kiss Helmet

Replacement part only for discontinued product. Last of stock.

GoPro Replacement Rear Snap Latch Buckle

Last of stock!

Sony Multi-Terminal Adapter

£45 £36

Hypeye D Pro Debrief Cable

£15 £12

Hypeye D Pro Expansion Kit

£35 £28

Hypeye D Pro Photo Kit

£30 £24


Wrist mounted mirror for viewing a head mounted video camera.

Cameye II

Camera control device for older camera (predecessor to the Hypeye). Last of stock.
£12 £9.60

Cookie Fuel - GoPro Top Plate

These GoPro plates are specifically manufactured for the Cookie Fuel helmet allowing a camera to be fitted with no drilling.

Cookie Flatlock

For Cookie Fuel

VMag Camera Chin Mount

Chin mounted magnetic camera mount for your GoPro.

The connection point for the GoPro is the screw below the camera, so the VMag works with any GoPro model.

VMag Camera Top Mount

Featuring the same magnetic feature as the VMag chin mount, the VMag top mount version is a snag free roller mount attached to the helmet with original 3M tape. No drilling required.

Cookie G35 Top Plate (Utility)

Top plate for mounting a roller mount with cutaway on your G35. £15 discount when ordering with a G35 helmet, applied automatically at discount.