Branding Guidelines

The latest version of this document can be found here:

These guidelines provide you with the design specification for various uses of our logo and brand for promotional and other purposes. Please follow these guidelines when using our logo and brand; we do not permit modifications outside of this scope without prior written permission.


Dark Grey#222222(34, 34, 34)Neutral Black C

Dark X logo



White#FFFFFF(255, 255, 255)N/A

Light X Logo



Turquoise#36B5EE(54, 181, 238)298 C

Logo D

Highlighted text

Other highlights

Any use of the turquoise should account for no more than 20% of the page. The logo and text must always contrast the background; i.e. the light X logo used against the Dark Grey background and vice versa.


Please use the links below to download high res png files of scalable vector formats of our logo. You should always use the highest resolution possible in your output and vector formats are preferred where applicable to maintain the highest quality.

XD Dark X Vector (SVG)

XD Light X Vector (SVG)

XD Dark X (PNG)

XD Light X (PNG)


The primary brand font is Exo which can be downloaded from the link below. In smaller sizes this should be used in bold to maintain readability.

Exo font (ZIP)

In the absence of the Exo font, the following fonts and font families may be used in order of preference:

Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif


The company is incorporated as XDream Ltd in the UK and XDream is our primary brand name.

We also trade as XD Sports - primarily for ease of spelling the URL of the website.


When linking to our website homepage, please use the following url in this exact format:

When deep linking to pages within our site, please ensure the url starts with the above and includes the https protocol.

For any other branding information or queries, pleaseĀ contact us