Blog posts from November 2016

Skydiving Abroad
Perris, Calrifornia Going to an organised boogie, a holiday with friends, or a solo trip to a new country? Whatever you're doing and wherever you're going, there are things to think about that will make your holiday more successful, fun, and safe.
Keeping Warm at Altitude
Cold dropzoneAs winter creeps up on us, so does the cold and it's not difficult to be caught out with freezing hands and feet in the plane or air. While definitely uncomfortable, the cold can have a substantial effect on your performance in the air as it affects the ability of muscles to perform well. There's also a safety risk to hands numbed by the cold when it comes to deploying your main, flying your canopy, or doing reserve drills.
Buying Your First Rig
Buying your first rig can be a daunting task with a huge amount of information to absorb and far too many people ready to take advantage of a keen new jumper with the "perfect first rig". This guide gives the basic advice and we'd recommend then speaking to as many experienced people as possible about your specific needs.