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Solo II


Optima II




Viso II+

Viso II+ digital altimeter from L&B.


Last of stock! As of April 2024, the Altitrack is now discontinued. The stock shown is available, but no further orders can be placed once the current stock is sold.

Altitrack Finger Loop


Ares II

Ares II digital altimeter by L&B

Alti-2 Galaxy

The Altimaster Galaxy from Alti-2 is an analogue altimeter available in a wide range of colours and a glow in the dark face. Designed primarily for sport skydiving, the Altimaster Galaxy has a number of features that make it one of the most reliable and most recognisable altimeters on the market.

Atlas / N3 Hard Mounting Kit

Last of stock!

Alti-2 N3 Emergency Charger

Compatible with N3 only

Atlas and N3 Strap Mount Plate

Last of stock!

Atlas and N3 Strap Mount Case

Last of stock!

Neptune Battery

Last of stock!

Galaxy / Atlas Hand Mount

The standard hand mount for the Galaxy and Atlas from Alti-2.

Galaxy Replacement Lens


Galaxy / Atlas 1" Wrist Strap

Is the Velcro on your Galaxy hand mount getting a bit tired? Replace it quickly and easily to keep your altimeter secure with a fresh wrist strap.

Alti-2 Atlas II

Atlas II digital altimeter by Alti-2


Last of stock

Only 21,000ft face available.