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Solo II


Optima II




Viso II+



Analog Display and Digital Accuracy

Altitrack Finger Loop


Ares II


Alti-2 Galaxy

The Altimaster Galaxy from Alti-2 is an analogue altimeter available in a wide range of colours and a glow in the dark face. Designed primarily for sport skydiving, the Altimaster Galaxy has a number of features that make it one of the most reliable and most recognisable altimeters on the market.

Atlas / N3 Hard Mounting Kit

Last of stock!

Alti-2 N3 Emergency Charger

Compatible with N3 only

Atlas and N3 Strap Mount Plate

Last of stock!

Atlas and N3 Strap Mount Case

Last of stock!

Neptune Battery

Last of stock!

Galaxy / Atlas Hand Mount

The standard hand mount for the Galaxy and Atlas from Alti-2.

Galaxy Replacement Lens


Galaxy / Atlas 1" Wrist Strap

Is the Velcro on your Galaxy hand mount getting a bit tired? Replace it quickly and easily to keep your altimeter secure with a fresh wrist strap.

Alti-2 Atlas II



Last of stock

Only white 21,000ft available.