Automatic Activation Devices (AADs) are backup safety devices that are designed to deploy a skydiver's reserve parachute in situations where they are unable. Different models use different activation criteria, based on altitude and descent rate. Please get in touch or seek advice from an instructor for more information.

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AAD Rental

Minimum rental period 2 months. Easy Direct Debit payments, no cancellation notice and only £100 deposit! Availability may vary.

Cypres 2 AAD


Vigil Cuatro AAD


Vigil Cutter


Vigil Battery Replacement

Battery replacement service for Vigil II, Vigil 2+ and Vigil Cuatro. All units must be sent back to the factory for battery replacement.

Vigil Service / Upgrade

Servicing or upgrades for Vigil II, Vigil 2+, and Cuatro