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Cypres 2 AAD

Cybernetic Parachute Release System: reliability, made in Germany. Trade in your expired unit for a £50 refund.

Vigil Cuatro AAD

Your Guardian Angel. Since 1997, AAD nv/sa has been focusing on the development of security devices for skydivers, by combining their expertise with those of professional skydivers, riggers and manufacturers.

AAD Rental

Easy Direct Debit payments, no cancellation notice and only £100 deposit! Availability may vary.

Vigil Cutter

Vigil Replacement Cutter

Cypres Filter Changer


Cypres Replacement Filter

Replacement filters for Cypres AAD.

Vigil Processing Unit Pouch

Replacement pouch for Vigil AAD processing unit.

Vigil Installation Kit


Vigil Control Unit Window

Replacement window for Vigil AAD control unit.

Vigil Cutter Holder

Replacement Vigil AAD cutter holder.

Cypres 2 Cutter

Replacement Cutter for Cypres 2 AAD