1 on 1 Canopy Coaching

One day of 1 on 1 canopy coaching with Jack Bradford
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Looking to improve your landings, brush up on your accuracy, or generally learn more about your canopy and its capabilities?

We offer personalised tuition, giving you full flexibility over the content and structure of the day. Ideal for those wishing to:

  • Improve their accuracy and learn how to plan their canopy flight and pattern in different wind conditions, including CH2 sign off for BPA B licence
  • Gain consistency in their landings, improving technique to get maximum performance from the canopy
  • Learn more about equipment relating to canopy flight, and how to utilise it to best effect
  • Learn about dangerous situations and how to avoid them, including low turns, canopy collisions, and off landings
  • Develop a better understanding of flight controls and how the canopy flies and reacts to different inputs
  • Downsize safely, ensuring the right skill set and knowledge base to select and fly the correct canopy

And much more! The course fee covers a full day of tuition (no jumps are included), and can be used for any combination of theory and practical tuition that you please.

Course includes optional use of Atlas or Viso II+ digital visual altimeter and Optima II audible altimeter.

Contact us for more information or to book. Multiple locations possible subject to conditions.

About Jack

  • Skydiving since 2010
  • 2000+ jumps
  • British Canopy Piloting team (2017 & 2018)
  • Canopies: Valkyrie 79, Hurricane 135, Volt 170
  • British Skydiving FS Coach, Category System Instructor, AFF Instructor, Advanced Packer, Parachute Rigger
  • USPA Coach and AFF Instructor
Manufacturer: XDream Ltd